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SAP Sucess Factor allows organizations to deal with their HR capacities in the cloud condition. This cloud solution can be consolidated to SAP ERP utilizing SAP HCI or SAP PI. However, the bigger part of clients in SuccessFactors doesn't run for incorporation with SAP ERP solution.

There are two sorts of organization models conceivable with SAP SF-

• Full Cloud HCM
• Talent Hybrid

 In the Hybrid situation, you can interface your core business suite like SAP ERP HCM with other SAP cloud solutions.

SAP SF Architecture

SAP SF – Performance and Availability Management

Utilizing SuccessFactors administrator tools, you can monitor execution and accessibility and recognize deviations from expected execution targets. According to contract with the service provider, you can ask for an extensive range of reports or schedule them a month to month from the service provider.

The basic report sorts are-

• System Availability
• Response Time Report
• API report
• Service Availability Report
• Use cases

 1.      System Availability Report

Your application URL is observed from various testing locales and with the utilization of checking devices, you can check the system access time. System accessibility is characterized as far as rate and shifts according to system access time.

The system might be inaccessible for various reasons, for example, internet availability issue, application or data center issue, scheduled outages, and maintenance activities, and so forth. The information produced for system accessibility can change according to entered time run.
The following diagram shows a Sample availability report-

 2.      Response Time Report

Response time report contains Response time for every moment test with the normal of measure period in the millisecond.

 3.      API Report

The API Report enables you to see API analytics utilization for a particular day and age. You can check how frequently API was called and include of API got to the system. Sample API report can contain a number of times an API was called and the total count of API in the system.

 4.      Service Availability Report

This report allows you to view the availability of different services configured in the system. You can configure it to view in the form of the dashboard and to see the service status as per specific time zone.

 5.      Use Cases

You can likewise check the execution of SuccessFactors environment utilizing some predefined scripts. These scripts should just be utilized when you encounter a poor execution from the system as this puts an additional heap on cloud service provider.

Clients can make and run discretionary EEM scripts that call SFSF Cloud HCM applications and execute route steps and different activities in their SuccessFactors HCM Cloud solutions. Making and keeping up such scripts would be a client particular movement, so as to mirror the client's individual functionality and configuration.

These are standard scripts that you can keep running for execution improvement to check current system versatility and component ease of use. Like in an on-premise system, you can check CPU, Memory, and File System Utilization.

SAP SF – Onboarding

Utilizing SuccessFactors Onboarding, you can employ in new contracts from the begin. It is imperative to give upgraded onboarding experience to the new contracts to connect with top talents from the University. SuccessFactors Onboarding gives an extraordinary, improved arrangement of onboarding exercises in an association to oversee new contracts from the begin.

Key Features of SuccessFactors Onboarding

The key components of SuccessFactors Onboarding are as per the following:

• Hiring organizer can start onboarding for enlists selected through SuccessFactors Recruitment.

• Hiring process includes kickoff onboarding process in SuccessFactors for all contracts and finishes new contract steps
• Onboarding includes catch up with a contract to ensure that he has finished new contract steps and has exploited the new contract portal.

• Onboarding can be incorporated with enlistment and Employee Central to oversee new contract exercises.

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